Market Studio

A creative solution for making the most powerful and engaging ads

Market Studio is a design platform that unites several creative solutions aimed to empower our clients in manifesting their creativity and encouraging engagement to improve results. Our tech is built with a mission to simplify and automate advertisement creative work.

We combine a cloud-based self-service platform with a team of experts who help you deliver compelling ads.

Engaging ads

We do engaging ads! They avoid banner blindness, create desire and naturally increase the intent to buy. Although any marketer would like to offer engaging ads, it takes much time to create them, complex steps to serve them, as well as, high overall costs.

We focus on smoothing away all the above restraints. By providing an ensemble of creative technologies from API to high end-coders via drag and drop interfaces for designers to simplified wizards for media professionals, we allow any ad to be engaging.

Playable Ads

Enabling you to create, serve and track playable ads is a tough tech challenge. Solving it actually forges and reflects the rest of the platform, from logical building blocks and user gestures to video control and many more features and capabilities.