Supporting a wide range of Ad Formats

MarketMedia is currently supporting all major ad formats and continues to work tirelessly to update this range regularly to include new ones. This constant innovation and update is part of our commitment to have cutting edge technology. The use of multiple formats, along with many other features, guarantees flexibility for our customers.

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Monetize Smarter with our SDK

M|SDK is the best way to maximize returns as it supports all ad formats and offers flexibility and control over your ad inventory. With the easy-to-integrate functionality, you can choose whether the SDK allocates your ads for you or if you do it directly through tags. Updates are just as easy.

Monetize your website with M|Ads

Enjoy your expanded global reach and a boost in ad bucks as our exchange optimizes your pricing through the use of a machine-learning algorithm that finds the best demand for all your inventory, and in real time. M|Ads offers increased CPMs and higher fill rates. Get more from your inventory with our extensive global demand, combined with direct deals through our private marketplace on our robust exchange.

M|Exchange expands your ad reach to the world and lets you attract premium inventory, leading to increased performance from every ad. Our massive collection of ad units ensures wide exposure and highly successful campaigns.

Create and manage direct deals with demand partners together with our expert sales team using smarter segmentation and data-driven capabilities.

Offering data enrichment, greater transparency, and better demand opportunities, the M|SDK gives you all the resources you need to grow your revenue. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes to integrate.

MarketMedia is dedicated to creating a safe and secure space for publishers and advertisers to conduct their mobile advertising.