We aim to empower you with a full stack of connected solutions, where you can plan, create, manage, and evaluate your campaigns – all from one location. We’re committed to optimising your mobile strategy by building solutions that meet your goals. Our full technology stack covers the entire consumer journey.

Our technology, paired with our team of experts, allows us to scale and fine-tune campaigns to fit your needs. We have the knowledge and insights you need to design, manage, and optimize your performance campaigns successfully. From building the right KPIs, to supporting creatives, we’re behind you every step of the way.

M|Exchange puts you in control. Implement, monitor, optimize, and get paid from your ad campaigns – all in one place. Access all of our incredible features like Smart Mediation, the M|Exchange SDK, the Exchange, and reporting dashboard. M|Exchange expands your ad reach to the world, and lets you attract premium inventory, leading to increased performance from every ad.

M|AI is a unique, comprehensive ecommerce platform that quickly learns your customers’ behavior, and personalizes their entire shopping experience. That means that each time a customer visits your site, they are automatically presented with the most relevant products and offers on every page view. With one step integration, and zero maintenance on your part, higher lifetime customer conversions, and increased customer loyalty are just a single click away.

A smarter, media buying experience. Super-optimize your campaigns and mobile performance with our data-driven, self-serve demand-side platform!


M|Studio is an ensemble of creative solutions that aim to empower our clients by developing advert creativity, driving engagement and improving results. Our tech is built with a mission to simplify and automate creative work in mobile advertising.

Our core technology is based on innovative algorithms which allow us to accurately predict the value of each campaign, ad, placement, and user. At the heart of our system lies the ability to track and learn consumers’ distinctive behaviour throughout their unique journey towards the purchase of your goods.

M|Commerce is a price comparison website where users can find deals from over 1.000 stores, compare prices and buy products for the best price! The user arrives at M|Commerce, finds the desired product and when ready to purchase, with one click is being redirected to the partner e-commerce site to purchase the item.

Brand Safety

With mobile advertising being constantly at high risk for threats such as fraud, robots and viruses, we provide secure solutions that our publishers and advertisers trust. It is important to us that publishers are provided with appropriate audiences for their campaigns, and that advertisers are not affected by unsuitable ad placement. With these vital issues, MarketMedia and it’s partners – Moat, Pixelate and GeoEdge – take extra care in ensuring transparency and security for our clients to conduct their mobile advertising.

Ad Formats