With a decade of experience in the advertising industry, we’ve built our own technology specifically for the mobile consumer in mind. We understand how to reach the demanding targets set within a saturated and competitive environment. Our sophisticated solutions work alongside each other to make it simple for brands, agencies and publishers to create real connections. Expect more revenue channels, better engagement and cooler, more interactive ads.

We are mainly focusing on the incredible new services that can empower you (our partners) in the creation and delivery of meaningful customer experiences in today’s digital landscape. The diverse portfolio of proprietary technology stacks amplifies our proposition, so that we can offer you a uniquely customised, full-service platform capable of supporting your entire mobile strategy, however unique your requirements might be.

Using this perfect blend of technology, data and human expertise, we are in a stronger position to provide better transparency, scale, and increased creative capabilities, all of which will unlock more channels to engage new users, drive sales, and expand your digital advertising roadmap.

Explore Our Solutions

Our leading Exchange platform opens the doors to over 120 DSPs worldwide, providing full transparency and allowing you to automatically optimize your demand sources. In order to ensure that your inventory is well positioned, we have partnered with GeoEdge and many We’ve partnered with GeoEdge, among many others.

MarketMedia’s simple state-of-the-art mobile DSP platform offers unique automations. Through RTB technology, it connects to the largest ad exchanges and publishers around the world.

Data is big business and valuable stuff! With the M|Brain DMP platform, it’s easier than ever to collect, and more importantly, utilize your data to the best bottom-line effect.

The M|Growth platform is a simple, automated tool that allows you to track and implement best-in-business marketing practices, through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Our technology paired with expertise, lets us scale and fine-tune campaigns to fit your needs. Get the results you aim for with the budget you set every time.

M|Studio is a design platform that unites several creative solutions aimed to empower our clients in manifesting their creativity and encouraging engagement to improve results. Our tech is built with a mission to simplify and automate advertisement creative work.

M|Discover will strengthen your brand’s presence in people’s daily lives.

Access Verified Users on the Market Behavioural Platform and achieve your campaign KPIs with reach of over 250 million daily active users across the globe.