M|AI is a simple and automated tool that allows you to track and implement best-in-business marketing practices, through an easy-to-use web-based dashboard.

The Advantages

With M|AI platform you’ll be able to:

  • Tailor the products each customer sees, according to their exact tastes and previous browsing habits.
  • Promote relevant products at the right time & place, adding strategically placed suggestions like ‘Top Products’, ‘Related Products’ and ‘Best Sellers’ on any page, to help you sell more.
  • Generate detailed audience segments, so you can target specific users with appropriate online ads.
  • Show your customers you care with personalised offers & emails tailored to their needs.

Integrated Data Management Platform

Data is big business and valuable stuff! With M|AI, it’s easier than ever to collect, and more importantly, utilize your data to the best bottom-line effect.

Move to the big leagues with your own data management platform and collect valuable data ­on every visitor who comes to your site, helping you understand your customers’ demographics, interests, and behaviours.

Use this data to create valuable market segments and activate targeted campaigns through our M|Data.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Quickly access your site traffic to know in advance who will leave, who will stay, and who will give you the most lifetime value. You can gain predictive insights into visitors’ future actions and learn which customers to invest in, and just how much.

Launch automated, tailored campaigns (based on accurate analytics) in a single click and use our advanced analysis to help optimize media buys and ad creatives.

A Personalised Store for Each Customer

Give each customer exactly what they’re looking for!

Based on your customers’ actions onsite, we analyse their behaviour, learn their likes and dislikes, and automatically present them with their own personalised online store in real-time, through our super smart recommendation engine. That means they’re always seeing the products they like and want…first!

Simple Customisation

In addition, you can use our dashboard to easily customize your site’s pages with our smart widgets like:

  • Recently viewed products
  • Top products
  • Best sellers
  • Related products
  • Most popular products and more