M|SEM provides your search with the best results


M|SEM’s unique and comprehensive platform quickly learns your customers’ behaviour and personalizes their entire web experience. That means each time a customer visits your site, they are automatically presented with the most relevant products and offers on every page view. Once they leave your site, a regular cycle of highly targeted emails and ads keeps them engaged, for better conversions and more return visits. With one step integration and zero maintenance on your part, higher lifetime customer conversions and increased loyalty are just a single click away.

The M|SEM platform is a simple, automated tool that allows you to track and implement best-in-business marketing practices, through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Using the M|SEM platform you’ll be able to:

  • Tailor the products each customer sees, according to their exact tastes and previous browsing habits
  • Promote relevant products at the right time & place, adding strategically placed suggestions like ‘Top Products’, ‘Related Products’ and ‘Best Sellers’ on any page, to help you sell more
  • Generate detailed audience segments, so you can target specific users with appropriate online ads
  • Show your customers you care with personalised offers & emails tailored to their needs.

Joint effort for better results

Better qualification of Targeting by Leveraging Search Data to join with Performance Data

M|SEM is the ONLY fully automated algorithmic paid search platform in the market. Our unique Programmatic Paid Search product, is on it’s own a great mid/lower funnel activation, but more importantly is giving us the unique ability to create intent based audiences and data sets from Google and Bing as a primary driving force for defining qualified targets. This data, coupled with our performance network and SSP/DSP data gives us insight into the behaviours, and tendencies of your target group for better qualified media.

Audience analysis and prediction

What if you knew what and why your target is Interested in a specific product?

Full Funnel – 70% of people will search within your long-tail keywords, allowing us to catch them early in their discovery. As your target moves down your sales funnel, we automatically optimize and learn how to best drive conversions.

Audience Insights Generation – Market SEM matches keyword optimization to audience profiles and data giving you a better understanding of your target group, and more importantly, providing you with an intent based audience segment.

Risk Free – Our fully automated algorithmic platform optimizes within your existing campaign framework, never cannibalizing your existing PPC strategies or bidding towards any brand keywords.