Boost performance with interactive ads

Playable Ads

In its very essence, every playable ad is actually an ad displaying a mini game, meaning it is HTML5 / MRAID compatible with all statistic benefits of the Glispa Create stack.

Trying an app before downloading it, playing a branded game, and many other use cases, all communicate with users in a fun, added value manner. Ads pay for content, but if they succeed in amusing the user and creating a positive experience, they can actually make a difference and stand out as a meaningful user experience driving amazing results.

Why do we focus on playables?

We powered hundreds of playable ad campaigns with leading gaming companies and brands all over the world. We believe that playable ads are the most effective way to do mobile advertising. People love them, and they deliver better results. As they are a tough tech challenge, we provide you added value by making this sophistication simple.

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